What A Deal

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and weekend. The weather here is starting to change. We have been having some real cold days. The days get about 50°F and the nights get down to about 35° F. So we have been doing “inside” work. We have added to our animal canning pantry. The girls really enjoy putting their creative energies to use.

We had Lucky’s Supermarket open about 10 miles from us. We went to the opening event and bought lost leaders to put up. We got: 75 pounds of carrots for $15 total, 6 Pineapples for 69 $4.00, case of avocados for $13.00, and a few other items. We went to the Piggly Wiggley and got 60 pounds of potatoes for $9.00. We also found 2 boxes of tomatoes for a total of $20 (she even threw in a vintage art deco 1930 waffle maker). We have enough carrots, potatoes, guacamole and tomatoes to last us through the winter.

This weekend the girls and I got in the kitchen and baked cookies, made chocolate sauce and homemade caramels for our Christmas baskets. They turned out well. We still have lots to make for our baskets. If any one has some ideas or recipes, please send them our way. Please tell us what works for you and what does not.

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