Michael’s Story

For as long as I remember, I have had an interest in farming and growing things.   To me, there is nothing better than picking and eating vegetables fresh from the garden.  They just taste better, and when you grow your own, much cheaper.

With typical health issues for our age, our doctors have always told us to eat fresh and green    “Go green” and “if you grow it, you can eat it” provided the additional motivation to begin “urban farming” in earnest.  Not to mention that I have always want to turn the land into profit.  And so the quest began.

Now, since the land is less than an acre, I could not farm on a large scale so I began to study box and above ground gardening.  Bending over was also not as easy as it used to be and my achy bones were protesting.

Creating a farm is no easy feat.   As a teenager, I used to help one of my uncles in his fields during summer vacations in Salzburg, Austria, my mother’s and my birthplace.  The work was fun, because during the summer, there wasn’t much to be done.  Now that I am trying to create this profitable venture, the difficulty level has increased.  It is tough when you are a small operation.

This section is for my writings, thoughts, goals and aspirations, successes and failures.  some of the things I do are a bit quirky, but I think they will work.  I am always open to suggestion and available to share my experience.