Making Tomato Jelly

I love tomatoes. Sliced, stewed, in sauce, baked, in a pie, it doesn’t matter. And I love to grow as many varieties as possible, which often leaves us with more tomatoes than we know what to do with.

I had been looking around at farmer’s markets and the various grocery stores that D an I visit and was amazed at the varieties, so I asked my wife, half in jest if she could make tomato jelly. She surprised me with a “yes”, so we had to make some.  She also wanted to try her hand at sealing jars using an older method with paraffin wax, available at your favorite store or on Amazon HERE!

This is our first effort. Now, we like savory sauce that we can put on meat, but you can play with the flavors and make it spicy, tart or how ever you prefer.

So, how does it taste? You may have noticed that we kept a jar out for ourselves. It is delicious and it doesn’t have an overpowering tomato flavor. I use it on sandwiches instead of mayo, and once a jar is opened, doesn’t last long at all

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