We are glad you are here.  We hope that you will find our website worthy of the time you spend with us as you join us on our journey to sustainability, preservation and education.

We know that everyone’s situation is different, but we feel it is our responsibility to share what we have learned with others, since everything we have learned has come from the shared knowledge and experience of others who have traveled a similar path.

Some of the things we will be trying, we have only read about.  Some of what we do is from our own imagination.

Life is a journey.  Welcome to our walk.



Food preservation involves preventing the growth of bacteria or other micro-organisms as well as reducing the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity. There is more than one way to preserve food. For example, you can preserve fruit by making jelly that involves boiling, adding sugar and sealing the jar. In preserving this way you are boiling to reduce the moisture and kill bacteria; adding sugar to prevent the bacteria from re-growing; and sealing to prevent contamination. Another way to preserving is to cure the food. The earliest form of curing was dehydration or drying. Food can be preserved by freezing, pickling, canning, fermentation, and vacuum-packing, among other methods.


We all come into this world not knowing anything. Most of what we learn is from experience and the knowledge of others that has been shared with us. Every parent want’s their child to have a better life and to learn from their mistakes. it is our responsibility to teach the generations that follow us the things we have learned.